Why should I choose for a liner-system/bag-in-box system?

Generally speaking there are three main advantages for choosing a liner system. Cost advantage (container purchase, cleaning, lost equipment), logistic optimization(storage and return transport) and investing capacity. Stainless steel containers will cost about 1500-2500 euro/container, which is considerably high cost in both purchasing and depreciation. Furthermore they are not foldable or disposable, making return logistics a cost-intensive practise.

What Qbig can do for you

We offer a full selection of high-quality liners, fitments and auxiliary equipment for the liquid intermediate bulk packaging market. But above all, we offer the expertise to find a flawless solution to your specific challenges.

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  •   Flexible order sizes, from box quantities to full truckloads
  •   Complete assortment of products available from stock
  •   Nearly unlimited possibilities for made-to-order products
  •   Innovative and patented technologies minimize human labor, risk and residual
  •   Guides you every step of the way
  •   Accustomed to your industry and supply chain