Solid Liquid Solutions

Flexible Supplier of Intermediate Bulk Packaging for liquids

 Qbig believes safe and efficient liquid bulk packaging requires a deep understanding of your supply chain. To us, the liner is just the beginning.

We offer a full selection of high-quality liners, fitments and auxiliary equipment for the liquid (intermediate) bulk packaging market. But above all, we offer the expertise to find a flawless solution to your specific challenges. 

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Benefits of bag-in-box liners for your IBCs



It’s our job to meet your packaging needs without any restrictions. Therefore, our liners can be ordered in any variety, at any order size – and are delivered exactly where and when you want it. Flexibility meets reliability.



You demand five-star quality. We deliver. Our solutions have been extensively researched, tested and fine-tuned for exceptional performance. Rapid service, reliable products, usable with minimal handling and minimal risk.


Supply Chain Fit

Our true value stems from our industrious knowledge and expertise we have build up over the years. Our true value is uncovering what you need, and shaping your required packaging to your supply chain.

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